Fees directly impact your net investment performance as one of the three primary detractors of wealth (others being taxes and emotional investing). Understanding how much you're paying, for what, and to whom is critical to managing and growing your portfolio. We communicate total fees and explain how they are charged. Our revenue is derived from fees based on assets under management - we do not get paid based on activity (commissions) or other conflicted, revenue-sharing arrangements. Most of our assets are in individual stocks and bonds, further reducing overall expenses. Ultimately, fees need to be aligned with service and performance.

We Have Three Fee Arrangements:

  1. Annual management fee for custom wealth management, starting at 1% and scaling down with asset size.

  2. Performance-only fee arrangement based on portfolio return

  3. Low-cost management fee arrangement: passive investment approach with little or no planning (fees range from 0.4% to 0.5%)