Our Vision

There is a “why” behind every motive, thought, or action. In business, we call this the “VISION STATEMENT,” but it’s just a fancy term for why we exist, what motivates us, and how we evaluate success. Our VISION is to serve and love people. It’s manifested in how we serve our clients, team, and community and what we offer. It’s quite easy to talk about visions and missions and I’m reluctant to post this on our website, because I think visions and missions should be observed and experienced, not communicated. In a world where it’s never been easier to talk vision, I believe it’s never been more important to live it out. That’s our goal – to live our vision out daily by loving our clients, treating them like we’d like to be treated if the roles were reversed, and giving unbiased, objective advice in a financial world full of salesmanship and conflicts of interest.

If you’re considering interviewing or hiring us or anyone, you should ask the question, “why” is this the best advisor for me? Hiring someone to make important decisions with your family’s financial capital is an important decision. One that should be made with prudence and patience. Here is a list of 19 questions I would ask if I was hiring a wealth manager with other links: 19 Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor.

We’re in the “trust” business. Every relationship we have is built on trust. Some relationships go back nearly thirty years. Trust takes years to develop and minutes to be destroyed and it’s the most valuable asset in our firm – we won’t risk losing a shred of it to boost growth or profits. We’d appreciate the opportunity to earn yours.



Our Principles

honesty trust & integrity

Our business is built and operated on trust one relationship at a time. We will not sacrifice trust or integrity for growth.

Capital preservation

We will not risk what our clients have and need attempting to gain what they do not have or need.


We are independently-owned and operated. We are not a broker and our clients are not "owned" by Wall Street.

Skin in the Game

We own the same securities and investments as our clients.

Track Record

We have a performance track record since inception in 2003.

Fee-based Compensation

We do not receive commissions or get paid for activity or trading. Our fees are based on the value of your account and the value we add. 

Client-focused, Fiduciary Management

We act in the best interest of our clients as a legally-bound fiduciary.

Disciplined Investment Process

We eliminate market emotion (fear & greed) by executing a timeless, fundamental, value-based investing strategy.


We are mindful of taxes and the long-term impact on compounding. Tax-deferred compounding is the secret to wealth creation.


Net investment performance and total, all-in fees are clearly communicated.


Patience is the cornerstone to any long-term, sustainable, successful investment program.