Institutional Wealth Management


We manage assets for institutions, including: banks, registered investment advisors (RIAs), trust companies, corporations, non-profits/endowments, and pensions. We partner with banks and RIAs and manage custom-built portfolios with individual equity and fixed income securities, private placements, or real estate. We also manage equity or fixed income allocations in a portfolio. Our independence enables us to partner with any institution and work on any platform. We utilize technology around trading and record keeping which enables seamless trading, performance reporting, and communication.


Investment Services:

  • Portfolio Management: investment policy statement (IPS) development and implementation, including: asset allocation, security selection, spending policies, performance aggregation, benchmarking, and review.

  • Allocation: manage cash, equity, or fixed income allocation in a portfolio.

  • Investment Consulting: provide consulting for HNW investors, large corporate pension plans, and other institutions, including: guidance around asset allocation, private placements, security selection, and performance review.

Investment Strategies:

+ Equity Strategies

  • Global Core Individual Equities: growth-focused strategy

  • Global Dividend-Focused Equities: growth and income-focused strategies

  • All Asset Growth Strategies: asset class agnostic absolute return strategy

  • Global Equity Mutual Funds: growth-focused strategies

  • Palisades Fund: absolute return, performance-only, private partnership

+ Fixed Income Strategies

  • Municipal Bond: tax-free income, conservative strategy

  • Corporate Bond: income-focused strategy

  • Global Fixed Income Mutual Fund: income-focused strategy

+ Cash Strategies

  • Short-Term Cash and Securities Management

  • Short-Term Government Treasuries

  • Money Market Funds

+ Alternative Strategies

  • Private Placements

  • Real Estate

  • Private Equity

Most of the strategies above can be offered as passive or active strategy, often times with combinations of more than one strategy. They can also be global or US based. Our portfolio turnover is generally between 10-15%.