Wealth Management


We manage assets for high-net-worth families, business owners, and professionals. We construct an investment policy statement (IPS) based on each clients’ unique objectives and needs in order to execute a long-term, disciplined, and patient investment plan. Planning is critical to success and understanding our clients is critical to planning. By avoiding big losses and deferring taxes, our goal is to compound capital in a tax-efficient, patient manner. We embrace client engagement through performance reports, reviews of private deals, terms, and advice on all transactions. We also help educate the family and its children on wealth management. To ensure that the best strategy is being implemented effectively and objectively, we do not sell our own products, receive compensation based on activity, deals, or transactions. We will tell you what you need to hear - not only what you want to hear! We will never trade our integrity to benefit the bottom line.


Investment Services:

  • Estate Planning: develop estate plan based on unique situations and objectives, working with estate attorneys

  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Discussion & Development: develop custom investment plans to facilitate needs and wants

  • Custom Portfolio Management: manage marketable security portfolios using individual stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles

  • Strategy Review and Adjustments: update, review and adjust investment strategy when needed

  • Performance Review: review total portfolio performance

  • Tax & Charitable Giving Strategy: setup Donor-Advised Funds (DAF), creation of charitable investment strategies, including impact investing, and alignment of investment and charitable strategies

  • Private Placement Source & Review: source and review private investment opportunities and negotiate terms/structures

  • Portfolio Lending: lending based on portfolio value at attractive rates

  • Other: negotiate terms for credit, fees, and other financial details

Investment Strategies:

+ Equity Strategies

  • Global Core Individual Equities: growth-focused strategy

  • Global Dividend-Focused Equities: growth and income-focused strategies

  • All Asset Growth Strategies: asset class agnostic absolute return strategy

  • Global Equity Mutual Funds: growth-focused strategies

  • Palisades Fund: absolute return, performance-only, private partnership

+ Fixed Income Strategies

  • Municipal Bond: tax-free income, conservative strategy

  • Corporate Bond: income-focused strategy

  • Global Fixed Income Mutual Fund: income-focused strategy

+ Cash Strategies

  • Short-Term Cash and Securities Management

  • Short-Term Government Treasuries

  • Money Market Funds

+ Alternative Strategies

  • Private Placements

  • Real Estate

  • Private Equity

Most of the strategies above can be offered as passive or active strategy, often times with combinations of more than one strategy. They can also be global or US based. Our portfolio turnover is generally between 10-15%.